Volunteer to help with disaster relief

On behalf of everyone in the affected areas, we thank you for your service! This will be a life-altering event to those that serve and will help draw you closer to Christ.

What to bring
Please read the document called “Preparing to volunteer for disaster relief.” The information has proven useful to those volunteering in areas damaged by hurricanes. Your assigned area and work might be different, but the general lessons should be useful.

Where to go
Your stake and ward priesthood leaders have been given detailed instructions about where to go, when to arrive, what vehicles to bring, how to structure your work crews, etc. If you have any questions about serving as a volunteer, please contact your stake or ward priesthood leaders.

In case of injury or medical emergency
A first aid station will be set up at the staging area for minor injuries (cuts, bruises, rashes). For more serious injuries, seek immediate medical attention at local hospitals. Although 911 service might not be available in affected areas, it should be your first call in a medical emergency.